Use of Electronic Bid Documents - Bidding Document Distribution Webpage

Iowa State University makes electronic bid documents, including drawings and specifications, available on this web site for the convenience of those participating in the bidding of projects to be awarded by Iowa State University. Printed hard copies can be obtained from Iowa State University Printing & Copy Services.

By accessing and using electronic bid documents from the site, User acknowledges and accepts the following:

  • Iowa State University grants User a limited license to use the electronic bid documents solely for the purpose of bidding on the project. Any other use of the bid documents without Iowa State University's written permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Iowa State University retains ownership and all rights, including any copyright or other intellectual property rights, to the electronic bid documents regardless of format.
  • If User elects to only download partial information (selected sheets of the drawings or pages of the specifications), User shall be responsible for obtaining all pertinent information to adequately and accurately prepare its bid.
  • Electronic bid documents are furnished without guarantee of compatibility with User's software or hardware. It is User's responsibility to determine/evaluate the capability of its equipment to provide documents that are accurate for size, scale, and content. If User must download third party software to download documents (e.g., Acrobat Reader), Iowa State University is not responsible for any problems caused by downloading and using such software.
  • User shall notify Iowa State University immediately of any errors or omissions from the electronic bid documents.
  • User agrees to release, indemnify and hold Iowa State University, the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, the State of Iowa and their respective officers, employees and agents harmless against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees and defense costs, arising out of or resulting from the download and use of these electronic bid documents.

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa and Iowa State University are pleased to announce the transition to secure Internet bidding via the Bid Express service.

  • Bidding with Electronic Signatures
    Effective for projects bidding after March 1st, 2020, Electronic Signatures may be used to submit bids instead of Digital IDs. This means bids can be worked on from any computer, and there are no operating system or browser requirements. To avoid some potential pitfalls, see information here: More information about electronic signatures or for comparison to Digital IDs.
  • See this link to the Fee Schedule. General navigation (registering, setting up to bid electronically, and solicitation review) of is free. Upon determining to electronically submit bids on a solicitation, the above payment information applies.
  • It is imperative all contractors register in advance to upcoming solicitation deadlines. It can require a week to be fully-able to bid.
  • If you need additional Bid Express assistance, see the information here:
  • Questions? Contact Kathy McKown at or 515.294.0366.
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